Monday, October 01, 2007

Self-Check Test for Homeschool Moms

Self-Check Test for Homeschool Moms by ChristineMM
copyright 2007 ChristineMM

Answer these questions honestly. Your replies are for your eyes only. When finished, ponder your answers and come to your own conclusions. Then feel free to make changes as you feel would be good for you and your family. You are the judge of your own answers, not me.

1. Do you spend more time thinking about children’s books for read-aloud’s than actually reading them to your children?

2. Do you feel strongly about the importance reading aloud to your children? If so, are you actually taking the time to read aloud to your children?

3. Do you spend more time using a curriculum so that your child will actually learn what they are supposed to learn with that product OR do you spend more time shopping for different curriculum for that subject?

4. Are you quick to complain about something you don’t like about a curriculum, and not use it, and start shopping for something else---all the while your child is not learning whatever that was supposed to be teaching them?

5. Are you endlessly questing for something that is ‘fun’ to do with your children so they learn a certain thing, and as time goes on, they still don’t know that simple thing which they could have/should have learned long ago?

6. Is the curriculum really the problem or is it just that you are not diligent enough about actually using it?

7. Is the issue with your complaint about a curriculum or book or product for learning really a problem with the curriculum or is it that your child(ren) are not respecting your authority and just complain about anything you try to use with them to teach them with?

8. Do you spend more time organizing your books and sorting through your stuff than actually using it with your children?

9. Do you long for that new board game when you already own a dozen that you’ve still never played with your children?

10. Do you think board games and educational games are great but never use the ones you have?

11. Do you complain you run around too much yet still don’t clear the schedule enough to relax and do the things you feel you never have time for?

12. When was the last time you felt you could just relax at home and ‘do nothing’? Do you feel comfortable doing that, or do you constantly feel like you should be tidying up, or doing some other task?

13. Do you complain that your children produce too much laundry and feel overwhelmed yet still don’t have your children helping you do the laundry?

14. Do you complain that your boys make a mess of the toilet (insert any other type of household mess that your children make) yet you don’t have them clean their own mess---you do it and feel resentful?

15. Do you feel like you have too many outside commitments? Do you realize that it is you that controls many or all of them? You are in control…

16. Do you spend more time reading homeschooling books, websites, and blogs than actually homeschooling your children?

17. Are you perpetually shopping for books and curriculum, even when you have all that you need right now? How about relaxing and just enjoying life until you actually NEED to buy something (for next year)?

18. Is anything you are doing really being done for the benefit of your child or are you doing it to try to prove to some outside person that your child is superior in intelligence to their kids or to public schooled kids?

19. Is the way your child is learning effective? Or are you spending time doing a lot of busy work or doing work that does not result in the child actually learning?

20. Are you taking the time with your child to let them learn more about their favorite things, or are you instead forcing them to do a lot of other homeschool work that some external person feels you should be doing (a book author, your homeschool support group leader, etc.)? (I am not speaking of the state laws which may influence what content you teach your children. I am speaking of things fully under your control, the content, or how you teach that content which is flexible.)

21. Are there things you are saying to your children that are giving them the impression that they are superior to other children regarding their own intelligence? If so, why do you think that is a good thing to do?

22. Do you know enough about giftedness to definitively state your child is gifted? Is it possible you are making a false assumption?

23. If you feel your child is gifted, are you bragging about it or talking about it a lot with others? If so, why? Is there a real reason to be talking about it all the time or deep down are you just so proud that you want to brag?

24. Do you give homeschooling advice to others that you say is great but that you don’t do yourself?

25. When you attend a homeschooling function are you inspiring others or do you say and do things that make the others feel worse then when they arrived?

26. Do you try to push your homeschooling methods, favorite curriculums etc. onto other families?

27. Do you offer advice when it is not asked for, or do you wait for someone to ask you a question?

28. Are you angry that your children are lazy and don’t help around the house, but you’ve never set up a chore schedule or asked them to actually do anything?

29. Do you get upset with your children or spouse for not doing something when you never actually asked them to do it? (They are not mind readers.)

30. Do you compare your children to other homeschooling children? Why? Has anything good come out of it?

31. Is your homeschooling method really working for each child in your family? If not, why do you keep doing what you are doing?

32. Are you using that homeschooling method because it is working well for your child or because you want to be right about proving that your idea of the right way to homeschool is correct?

33. Should you be making a change with your homeschooling but you resist at least in part because you don’t want to face the scrutiny or judgement of other homeschooling mothers (locally or even those you only know through the Internet)?

34. Do you continue to homeschool with that method out of loyalty to your favorite homeschooling author or famous educator rather than because it is working great for you and your child(ren)?

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Dawn said...

Wow. You wrote that list for me, didn't you? :)

Seriously, I'm going to have to print that out and put it up on the fridge. I'm guilty of so many of those things.

christinemm said...

For the record I have done a bunch of those things, either right now am doing them, or I did them at some point in past years but stopped myself from continuing.

The ones I've never done are things that I see other moms doing, right now or in the past, which drive me nuts or make me angry.

Some of them as well are things I can't stand to see happening, especially things like when things are said that tear a person down or in some manner end up hurting another person.

Kathleen aka Coffee Mom said...

Yeowch. I think we've all been guilty of some of those at some time. I know I certainly am. Thanks for the reminder :-)

Amy Jane (Untangling Tales) said...

I think this could be a(nother) convicting post just changing everything from "homeschooling" to "mothering". That's where I am just now.