Friday, October 26, 2007

Missing Teenage Girl From Connecticut

I created this blog post as maybe some Connecticut parents who read my blog will see this for the first time and be made aware of this and then you can spread the word. Also maybe my blog post will turn up on Internet search engines and drive traffic to the official website regarding this situation.

For the most up to date information please view the official website's guestbook section. Go to the main page from this link then click on the guestbook.

Yesterday, a mother who knows this teen handed me a flyer stating that Megan Roberts is being reported missing, by her mother and father. She is said to have been last seen the night of Friday October 12, 2007.

A website has been set up which has lots of information including a detailed physical desription and lots of color photographs as well as some medical information.

The information I see on the site and on the flyer states she was last with a young man said to be “a drifter” named Kenton Dow aka Kenny Dow aka “Turtle” who is from the New Haven Connecticut area, formerly from San Diego, California.

Here is a qutoe from the 10/26/07 story in the Torrington Register about Dow:

"Jayson said he thinks a new friend in his daughter's life may have played a role in her disappearance. Kenton "Kenny" Dow, 19, and Megan reportedly hit it off a week before she went missing. Dow has been on his own living away from home for two years, Jayson said. His mother lives in California and he reportedly has friends in New Haven.

Dow is described as 5-foot-8, 160-170 pounds with short brown hair (crew-cut style). He sometimes wears a skull cap on the side that has a short brim, and a sweatshirt with the band Suicidal Tendencies on the front and a pentagram shape on the back."

Above photo is said to be of Kenton Dow from the "Help Find Megan Roberts" site.

Here is more about Kenton Dow and Megan Roberts as reported in the County Courier:

"Another reason Richardson suspects Megan is heading in this direction is because she is likely with Kenton Dow, a young man Richardson described as “a drifter.”
“There were reports of him in New Haven (Conn.), saying he was planning on walking to Vermont,” she said.

Megan suffers from mental illness, her mother said, and she had stopped taking her medication at the time of her disappearance. The teen has also run away from home before, striking out for New York City with a friend one time before “they got scared and came back home,” Richardson added."

The site says the couple may be in the New Haven, New Milford, Morris, Litchfield, Danbury, Connecticut areas or heading to Enosburgh Falls, Vermont. We are asked to look on back roads and trails as well as on routes from Connecticut to Vermont.

For more details read the website, using the links on the left side. Note the guestbook has some more details in it as well.

If anyone has information please follow the instructions on the site to notify the Connecticut State Police.

A YouTube video featuring some information and color still photographs can be viewed here:

Media Stories About Missing Teen Megan Roberts

Torrington Register Citizen dated 10/26/07

News Times dated 10/23/07

Franklin County Courier (Vermont) dated 10/25/07

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Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

Oh, how sad! I hope that she is found.

benjamin said...

christinemm said...

Benjamin gave the wrong thread. The above thread on a chat board discusses a possible siting of Kenton Dow on October 14th. I am going to contact the site run by the parents.