Monday, October 22, 2007

Just What I Wanted!

I am open minded to what in America “the experts” call “alternative medicine”. I do take issue though with the phrase, ‘alternative medicine’ because often what it is, is the old traditional medicine and the new Western medicine is the experiment in reality.

We own some homeopathic medicines, the white pellets that come in the blue tubes. I have used them with my children for minor ailments and the children say they work. I figure, what can it hurt? For example the one for bone pain due to growth of adolescents has helped both of my sons. The arnica for minor bumps and scrapes which are painful has helped. Even the remedies for bedwetting have helped one son. I also have used them for head colds for myself as well as ones for restless sleep and tension headaches, with success.

My older son was ‘fighting something’ the other day, feeling tired, run down, and fluctuating between having no fever, a low fever, and a 101.8 fever (that high fever was right before bed on a Friday night). He had no other symptoms, no running nose, no cough, nothing like that.

A friend asked if we used elderberry extract syrup, specifically, a product called Sambucol. I had never heard of it. They make a formula for adults and a formula for children. She said that some mothers she knows rave about its ability to ward off or stop common illnesses like head colds and such. She said she used it the previous night for the first time as she felt so tired and like she was ‘fighting something’ and she woke up feeling totally healthy and energetic.

I figured we’d give it a try. What could it hurt? My son had one dose (children’s formula) in the evening. I also took a dose (adult formula) as I felt run down and like I was also ‘fighting something’.

We both woke up feeling fantastic and not sick at all!

So I thought that day, “I wish I had a book about homeopathic medicine, and one about children would be great, I wonder if there is a good book on that topic”. A couple of hours later I walked into a thrift shop to check for children’s books. Other than “South Beach Diet” and such that shop rarely has ‘health books’. Usually the adult books are romance novels or fiction of the type I don’t read, or Reader’s Digest condensed books, or casserole cookbooks and such.

However in the middle of the children’s picture books and chapter books was “Homeopathic Medicine for Children and Infants” by Dana Ullman, M.P.H. and it was an affordable 25 cents. Note in all of my book hunting at library sales and in used book shops I have never, ever come across a book on homeopathic medicine for children (or adults for that matter) or else I would have bought them in the past.

I take this as yet another sign that God’s hand is at work. These little ‘coincidences’ are so frequent and come at times when I really want or need something that I cannot deny God’s involvement in this. I reject what I used to believe which is “it is just a coincidence”.

Sambucol Adult Formula

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chanale said...

I have the Ullman book. If you ever happen to come across it at a used bookstore, don't hesitate to snatch up Naturally Healthy Babies and Children by Aviva Jill Romm - it covers some homeopathy but also herbs, aromatherapy, and basic home remedies. I have many books on natural health for children, and this is one of my favorites.