Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The Thinking Mother Blog Post Featured on The Issue

I was surprised to receive this email this afternoon.

"I am contacting you to notify you that we are featuring you on the
front page of, in the Issue of the Day. Today's Issue
discusses Kid Nation and its moral implications. Your blog provided
a great introduction to the Issue. You can view your post at

By way of background, The Issue is a blog newspaper, with the idea of
drawing together all of the voices of the blogosphere into one forum,
where people can converge to understand and engage with a variety of
perspectives. Every day we feature an Issue of the Day as a deep
dive into a subject, where we display four different perspectives to
paint a three-dimensional picture of every topic we cover, as well as
blogs by genre and two other sections.

All the best,

Matt Dalio
The Issue"