Saturday, September 15, 2007

Attended a Not Back To School Party Last Week

One day last week was spent at a Not Back To School party with my local homeschool support group.

I actually hatched the plan in August. I figured that instead of our regular weekly park day I’d just proclaim that the first day would be a party with a snack to share. I was surprised at the number of families who said they’d come.

Eventually it morphed into a hot dog grilling party with pot luck side dishes, snack foods and desserts, once the support group leader got excited, offered to be a hot dog griller and to coordinate the lunch.

The party was held at a local park. We had an area with about 25 picnic tables, a sand volleyball court, and a bocce court (which the kids used to kick soccer balls). We were separate from the main park area, where a corporate party was being held at that same time. We were about a quarter mile away from the wooden playscape which meant all the kids stayed together near the adults in the picnic grove, which was actually good and helped keep us all together rather than spread out far and wide.

The picnic grove was under tall trees and completely shaded. It was a gorgeous sunny day and just right for an outdoor party, sunny and in the 70s.

A huge banner was hung up that said “There’s No School Like Home”. Everyone driving by on the street or who pulled into the parking lot could not miss that huge sign.

Many boys were busy playing Yu-Gi-Oh! trading card game at the picnic tables.

A large group of preteen and teenaged girls gathered to talk and play games. They were directing their own games and it was fun to see.

Small children played by kicking around balls on the bocce court.

A casual volleyball game was being played at one point.

Many of the homeschooled kids were talking with each other, hanging out in the picnic table area. My friends and I noted that some kids who had never met the other kids were talking like they’d known each other for ages.

I took some photos but can’t share many of them as some of the parents don’t want their children’s photos on the Internet. I can only share one photo, due to confidentiality issues, sorry!

My boys had a fun time seeing their closest friends who they kept contact with over the summer as well as the friends they had not seen sine the last homeschool events were held in June.

The party was a huge success with 40 adults present and over 90 children. A few grandparents were there and a few fathers. I got to meet some people that I only know from our local group’s email discussion group. A couple people said they recognized me from the picture of my blog, and that they read my blog.

It felt really good to have so many happy people all in one place. This was the perfect way to kick off the new homeschooling year.

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Shawna said...

What a great way to start the new "school year!"

Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

I love the banner!

Can I "borrow" it?

It sounds like you are off to a great start at your house, too! I am seeing so much good stuff on the homeschool blogs. It inspires me!


Dana said...

That's a great idea! So what do you do at the end of not having school?

deldobuss said...

I am planning such a party as this for our homeschool group this year. Thanks for some ideas!