Monday, July 23, 2007

Sales Figures For First Day of Sales of Seventh Harry Potter Book

Bloomberg is reporting that 8.3 million "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows" sold in the first day after its release. This breaks all former records for first day book sales in history!

The former record holder was the sixth Harry Potter book "Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince" with 6.9 million books sold in the first 24 hours.

In the same article, Bloomberg reportsBorders reports selling 1.2 million copies of the latest book. I bet this is due in part to the fact that they ran big parties with activities and games for children. Our original plan was to go to that party at a nearby Borders and to buy our books there. We changed our plans at the last minute when a staff member said they worried about crowds and speculated that if too many children showed up that the games and such would not be managable or fun. Parking was also said to be a problem as they planned on blocking off the parking lot as a 'party space'.

Another Bloomberg article discusses Scholastic's handling of the Harry Potter business (not making enough money off of the success of Harry Potter) and it talks about a recommendation that Scholastic sell itself. It is an interesting article to read and to think about Harry Potter as a business not just thinking about the books' story, the book series or the movies as 'just a story'.

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