Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Photo of the Day: Dad Helps With Homeschooling

My son (age 9) was basically teaching himself electronics using an online course as the teacher. All I did was sign him up. I know nothing about electronics nor do I want to.

When help was needed I recruited my husband. Femnists don't be offended. I have enough on my mind and I don't want to learn electronics. Women do not need to do everything, even we homeschool moms don't have to do everything. Those in power delegate. And I delegated the task of help with the electronics to be done by my husband. I am not ashamed.

So one day my husband wrote this out to help my son. My son understood this. My husband understood this. I have no clue what this means. I graduated from public school with a high school diploma. I have a college degree from a Liberal Arts college. Whatever it says here is a mystery to me. Rather than feeling ignorant, it makes me happy to know that finally my husband is helping out with the homeschoolig a bit. And I am very happy that at age nine my son knows more than I have ever known about electronics.

(And no, I am not worried about teaching my children homeschool high school math. I will always have a great homeschool math curriculum which will teach me or will re-teach me as it teaches my children.)

If you would like your child to learn about electronics also, check out the wonderful online classes offered by homeschol dad/college professor and teacher/owner of Quick Study Labs.

Note: I do not receive payment for praising or referring you to Quick Study Labs.

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Shawna said...

LOL I have a BA In English and a Teaching Credential and have no idea what that says! So you are not alone!!!

And thanks for the link...I just post a thread about boredom and my child...My 7 year old mentioned electronics when probing his interested--I'm off to check the link now :-)