Sunday, July 29, 2007

Grrr, My Book Reviews Used On eBay

I just stumbled upon something that bothers me. An eBay seller is copying my book reviews from Amazon and using them inside of their eBay auctions for selling their used books.

This is highly annoying to me.

Yes, this is a copyright violation. But to whom? As an unpaid Amazon customer reviewer, you may find it interesting that when any customer reviewer submits a review that content then is owned by Amazon and Amazon hold the copyright.

So the one who truly has the copyright violation is Amazon not me. But still this bugs me.

I just had to share that.

Well I guess it can be considered flattering that this eBay seller thought my book review was good enough to help sell her book...


She Said said...

I think you should be flattered, so long as they attribute it to you.

christinemm said...

The eBay seller did have my Amazon user name but there was no link back to my Amazon account which is "proper credit" like Amazon gives. So in reality that is not much of a "credit" to me. They could have put a hyper-link back to my Amazon account.

Also to not violate copyright law they could have just put a hyper-link to Amazon's product page and let the customers scan through all of them. Instead they targeted my content (owned by Amazon).

All in all it is still illegal, what they did, and unethical too. Some people think that just because something is on the Internet and they have a "copy and paste" function with their computer they can just take content from one place and use it to their own whims or for profit. Not true.

Love 2B Homeschoolers said...

On the bottom of every ebay listing is a button reading "report this item". Click on it and report the copyright violation to ebay. I've never tried it myself, but it might be worth the effort, at least in helping you to feel less powerless.