Sunday, July 22, 2007

An Explanation About Buying From Amazon Through My Blog

I get a lot of questions about buying things through my blog from Amazon from people so I decided to blog about how it actually works.

Amazon has made it very simple for the buyer but people don’t seem to believe that it is as easy as they have made it, and some have told me they have not used the links as they didn’t trust that they were “doing it right”.

I will share it in a blog post in writing here on my blog so it will be here for future reference for anyone who wants this information.

If you click through my blog using EITHER the sidebar rectangle shaped Amazon box OR if you link through from a specific product that I put a link to inside of a log post or in my sidebar, you will be brought to the Amazon site. Once you go to Amazon anything and everything that you place in your ‘shopping cart’ at that point forward, and pay for it with in 24 hours will give me a small percentage commission.

If you go through my blog, put an item in your cart BUT pay for it after 24 hours has elapsed I’d earn NOTHING.

Yes, anything and everything you buy from Amazon will pay me a small commission so long as you link through from my blog just that ONE TIME and then make your purchase within 24 hours.

It is true that you do NOT have to keep going backwards to my blog to re-link through for each and every item you want to buy that day. That would be a waste of your time and energy and I am glad Amazon realized that and is not making customers do that.

Also if at a later date you want to buy something from Amazon, rather than going directly to the site, if you want me to get a small commission you can visit my blog first and link through from that sidebar Amazon box and I’ll earn that commission.

It is not necessary for me to mention the thing you are buying on my blog for me to earn a commission from it.

Or if I mentioned a book in an old blog post and you remember that, you don’t have to scroll through my old posts to find that exact link to click through. You can just use the rectangle shaped box in my sidebar, put in the title, then link through and buy it.

If I mention a book and you link through and you buy a used copy from an Amazon Marketplace seller I still get a commission from it.

After the purchase is shipped, Amazon is given a list of the items purchased and the price paid only. I do not know what person bought one thing as that is confidential information between you and Amazon. So you may make your purchases with total confidentiality. I won’t know what you are buying. By the same token I can’t then thank my blog readers personally for making their purchase because I don’t know who is buying what.

(And if you return an item to Amazon they take back my commission. That's only fair.)

Again this applies to any product, basically anything and everything that is sold through the Amazon site. That includes used books or other used stuff sold through third party vendors through the “Amazon Marketplace”. It applies also to magazine subscriptions, groceries, books, vitamins, shoes, clothing, telescopes and vacuum cleaners, toothbrushes, espresso machines, or whatever it is that you are buying from Amazon.

What I am is called an “Amazon Associate”. If you want more information on the program or how you or even your non-profit organization can sign up, go to the Amazon site and click through to “Associates” which presently is in the left sidebar, very low down on the list.

As an Associate I can’t buy my own stuff through my own blog as it is against the rules. When I am the Amazon customer, I always link through from blogs or websites so that the bloggers or website owners earn a little commission from my sale. I rotate who I buy from a few favorite sites and blogs, depending on which I am most appreciative at the moment for its existence and its contribution to my personal enrichment or who has given me some much-appreciated entertainment.

I hope this explains it for you.

If you are a regular blog reader of mine and make purchases of anything from Amazon and you appreciate my blog please consider making your future Amazon purchases through my Amazon link, it really is simple for the buyer and it is most definitely appreciated by me.

Thank you for purchasing your Amazon items through my blog!

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Shawna said...

Thanks for the heads up...I buy about once a month, but just log into Amazon itself. Now I have other options to help other people:-)

Hope said...

Great idea on the alternating through other affiliate links. I hadn't thought of that before. Nor had I considered being an affiliate before. Think I'll try that too! Thanks!!