Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Animal School Video Revised And Expanded

Republishing this blog entry which originally appeared in December 2006.

The Animal School video has been revised and expanded. Please take a moment to watch this free online video at the Raising Small Souls website.

It is a story about children and learning and their experiences in a school setting. It uses animals as characters in the story to represent certain types of learners and/or learning challenges. It is very respectful of children and the use of animals in the story is not negative at all (if you were wondering).

I am not ashamed to say that tears ran down my face as I watched this.

I have memories from when I was a child of what other kids went through at school and how they suffered. I know children today are living through these same experiences.

This was yet another moment when I said to myself, “I am so glad my children are not in school”. Homeschooling one’s own children allows those children to be spared some or all of these experiences.

This video applies to the field of education, public schooling, learning disabilities, other issues like autism, to learning, learning styles, alternative education, and in an indirect way, supports homeschooling if only to have a child avoid these problems.

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1 comment:

christinemm said...

If the link to the video on the Raising Small Souls site does not work, go to You Tube and search for the video.

Last month I saw some there, some were the older, shorter versions of Animal School, which are worthwhile to watch if you can't access the 'revised and expanded' version.