Friday, June 15, 2007

A Strong Article About Connecticut DCF And Charges of "Educational Neglect"

Wow! Yesterday yet another article was published about Connecticut's DCF.

Article Title: School Arrest: Compulsory education is a draconian, state-sanctioned punishment
By: Phil Maymin
Published in: The Fairfield Weekly
Published on: June 14, 2007

The journalist not only discusses issues with DCF and how their investigations seem to be un-American but it goes on to discuss schools in general.

This is the most radical article I’ve ever read in the mainstream media. Actually it is also hard to get such strong statements from homeschooling publications!

Here is my favorite paragraph:

"Mandatory education is even worse than a sentence of forced community service. It’s more like school arrest. All children between the ages of 5 and 18 must spend six hours every weekday, nine months out of the year, in a brick building with other inmates, where they must sit when told to sit, eat when allowed, and walk in slow circles catching only brief glimpses of the sun and the earth during periods called recess. They are allowed home for dinner and bed but they must do additional work even at home or face disciplinary action. The few who escape are caught by truancy officers and forced back in. Repeat offenders go to juvenile detention. The forced attendance has the same effects in schools as in jails: boredom, recidivism, sex, and drugs. Probably the only places in America that have more illegal drugs than prisons are schools."

In this article the journalist questions the charge of “educational neglect” and asks how parents of homeschooled children can be charged with “educational neglect” if the public schools are known already to not be fully educating children.

Suppose a child hasn’t been adequately taught how to read and write. Is that educational neglect? Sixteen percent of all adults in Connecticut—more than half a million people—are functional illiterates, according to a 2001 municipal report for the town of Hartford.

Also the article questions if the parent chooses to send a child to public or private school but the child does not learn enough, should that parent as well be charged with “educational neglect”?

Please go read the article!

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Judy Aron said...

Check out this author's background - he is an incredibly educated guy.. he ran against Chris Shays last election too.
I list his website on my blog.