Tuesday, June 26, 2007

My Post Nominated For “Hot Stuff of the Week” Parenting Article Award

Today I was nominated for a “Hot Stuff of the Week” award on the GNMParents site, for parenting articles on the Internet for yesterday’s blog post I wrote about spanking, discipline and punishment.

Here is how they describe this weekly event:

For those just tuning in, GNMParents hosts a weekly reader’s poll, for links to web pages or blog posts or you tube videos, etc. that are worthy of being anointed Hot Stuff Of The Week. This week being no exception, we’ve collected your fabulous suggestions and posted them for your viewing and voting pleasure.

If you would like to see who the other nominees are and what they wrote, and to vote, visit the GNMParents site.

I’m glad someone appreciated my blog post enough to nominate me. Thank you, whoever you are!

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Summer said...

Congrats on the nomination. :)