Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Trying To Exercise Regularly

Last month I began exercising. I am trying to get into shape and to lose weight.

I began by setting the alarm for 6:45 a.m. and to get up early and go walking outside while the kids were still asleep and while my husband was in the house with them.

I also started walking with a neighbor.

Getting up early was tiring and difficult.

We were then thwarted by several days of heavy rain. The first day I actually did walk in the rain by myself (my neighbor stood me up). I was afraid not to go out as planned as I thought maybe she'd be out there waiting for me. Not so. Oh well.

Then my friend went out of town for a week. Then I went out of town for three days. The next week I was gone for two full days at a homeschooling conference.

All this on and off again made setting the routine difficult.

We then tried walking in the late morning after her kids got on the bus and taking my kids with us. This made it hard to get restarted with the homeschooling lessons when we got back home. We'd eat breakfast, go walking, come home and the kids would say they were hungry for lunch (early). So they'd eat lunch and the next thing I know after cleaning up it would be one in the afternoon and no homeschooling was done.

Other days either my friend or I were busy with appointments (dentist etc.) and so the plans went down the drain.

The worst of all is that although it feels good to work out I am angry that I have actually gained weight. I did not just gain muscle weight, I mean my clothes are tighter in places which I thought would slim down. I feel actually quite fat. This is horrible.

The best part about walking with my friend/neighbor is the good talks we have while walking.

I think in the end if I am to get in shape I'll need a plan that depends on me alone so that the work of setting up the exercise times is not one more step in the process.

Maybe I'll start riding my bike alone at night and leaving my husband at home with the kids.

Now I have to fit this in between various birthday related tasks and parties and Mother's Day and my birthday and choir rehearsals for the pageant and the show itself. Groan.


Elisheva Hannah Levin said...

It's so hard for a mom to get into a routine that allows time for her own health and well being.

Especially when the darn weather doesn't cooperate.

Good luck experimenting until you find the right method!

Scribbit said...

Oh I know what you mean. And to top it off, when I'm busiest I tend to eat more.

A vicious cycle! :)

Kerri said...

Why, oh why can't we just think about exercising and have the pounds fall off! I feel your pain, the routine of it is the most difficult thing. They say if you can stick with it for 3 months it becomes habit. I wonder who the "They" is!

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