Thursday, May 10, 2007

Shocking Details About A Rape in Bridgeport High School

On my driveway yesterday (May 9, 2007) was a free sample of the Connecticut Post newspaper. I just took a look at it and found this horrible story on the front page.

Central student charged with sex assault in auditorium

What a terrible crime. What can I say?

Then I made sure to get this newspaper out of the sight of my children’s eyes. The fact that the details of the rape are there is just too much information for my six and nine year old boys to read ‘by chance’ if the paper is left lying around the house.

A follow-up story dated May 10th is online now also.

Schools abuzz over Central rape charges

The last part of this sentence surprised me:

"Allegations that a 15-year-old student was raped in the Central High School auditorium Monday sent shock waves through the school, even as one student acknowledged the auditorium is known as a site for mischief, even sexual activity."

How about this for mismanagement by school administration? Even this teenager senses the mismanagement.

"I know the auditorium has always been the location of so much problems. They don't keep it locked," Edna Chukwurah, a Central senior and student representative to the state Board of Education, said Wednesday. "There are five ways no, eight ways to get to the back of the auditorium." School officials, meanwhile, contend security at the school is sufficient, and that what allegedly happened Monday is as unfortunate as it is unusual.

And since the rape occurred after school was out of session, one would think the doors would be locked.

Later Chukwurah said:

"But the 17-year-old honors student said that she has heard accounts that so many other students have been caught in sexual situations in the auditorium that school officials warned they had installed surveillance cameras there."

So the school administrators knew there was a problem but obviously they didn’t do enough to fix the problem (i.e. lock the doors when school is out of session).

"Ramos said Central, which has an enrollment of 2,400 students, has eight security guards and two school police officers on duty at all times.
He and Mel Wearing, chief of school security, said the guards were on the job at the time the attack occurred."

More quotes---
"Ashley Holley, a 17-year-old senior and student representative to the city's Board of Education, said she had previously requested that the school beef up security. The latest incident, she said, only proves her point.

"I was shocked, and I told them we need more security," Holley said, adding that she didn't hear about the incident until she read a newspaper account.
Unlike Chukwurah, Holley said she had not heard that the auditorium has been a "make-out" site.

Neither did Doralis Mendez, a freshman. "But it probably would be a good spot. Not a lot of people go there," she said."

My heart goes out to the teenager who was raped.

Regarding my own family and children, I’m having a moment of “Thank Goodness we’re homeschooling”.

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