Thursday, May 10, 2007

Kids and Teens Dusting and Huffing To Get High

This is highly disturbing to me, inducing interruptions in the cardiac rhythms in order to get high. It is called “dusting” and “huffing”. Here are some articles.

Many Young Drug Users Are Into Dusting article dated May 2, 2007 on KTRE ABC affiliate site
"Surveys conducted by the Alcohol and Drug Abuse Council show kids as young as nine and ten years old are now into dusting. The high usually only lasts about 10 seconds, but the affects from inhaling can last much longer.
Phyllis Grandgeorge, A.D.A.C. director, said, "You get a fourth grader who begins to inhale and that eats a hole in that little brain. When they become 18 or 20, you're looking at a life of mental illness, and that's what parents have to recognize - the damage that inhalants cause is just so irreversible."
Inhalants are considered a gateway drug. They are easily addictive and easy to find. Many kids start abusing them accidentally. That's why a lot of schools have eliminated student access to markers, glue, and paint products. Now drug awareness experts are encouraging parents to do the same at home."

Drug High From Dusting is Fatal for One Teen article March 22, 2006 on ABC News site (death of David Manlove age 16)
"One in five teens say they have used inhalants by eighth grade."

Dusting is the New Killer High for Teens, article July 27, 2005 on MSNBC site

Parents Warned of Dusting Solvent Abuse article June 16, 2005 on CBC News (Canada) site

Dusting Drug Addiction Proves Fatal article April 30, 2007 on site (death of Matthew Molnar, age 20)

Dust-Off warning email hoax investigation: result: story TRUE, October 2005, on Hoax Slayer site (death of Kyle Williams, age 14)

New Dust-Off Formula Deters Inhalent Abuse on Dust-Off website dated October 25, 2006

Dust-Off site resources about product safety and inhalant prevention

I feel it is the duty of every parent to know that things like this are going on in our world and to do whatever we have to do to inform and protect our children.

However I really think something is wrong with our society when children are young as eight or nine are seeking various ways to get high and to escape from their reality. I think a real conversation should be taking place about what is wrong with this wonderful American life that we are leading to have drug abuse trickling down to younger and younger ages.

These news stories seek to sensationalize the deaths or to catch our attention telling us of the deaths and they inform with the facts that this type of high-seeking is going on but none of these stories discusses the WHY and none talk about ways to prevent this from happening-- other than drug-education awareness campaigns targeted directly to the children and teenagers to try to scare them out of ever trying it.

I think we need to get to the root of the problem and figure out what is wrong with these kids and these families for the children to seek to escape?

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