Thursday, May 31, 2007

Connecticut Homeschooler Made It To The Scripps National Spelling Bee Finals

Tonight at 8pm EST on ABC the finals of the Scripps National Spelling Bee will be shown, live.

One of the 15 finalists is a homeschooler from Connecticut, Joseph Hernares.

You can read more about the other finalists, here.

(By the way, students from all over the world are in this “national” spelling bee, I hadn’t realized that.)

Hat Tip: email from my friend K., email from homeschool support group leader that Joseph Hernares is a member of, and then Consent of the Governed.

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Brenda Marie Hoffman said...

It's great to see so many smart kids at this event. I wish that the homeschooler had won though LOL

Brenda Marie

christinemm said...

A homeschooler did win.

While I blogged about the Connecticut homeschooler Joseph Henarez, he made it to the top 5.

The winner was homeschooler Evan O'Dorney of California. He and his parents were on Good Morning America today. They were introduced as homeschoolers and his mom had three titles: mom, homeschool teacher and (spelling bee) coach. LOVED IT.

From the clip about O'Dorney that was shown last night I could see he is gifted in music and math and is brilliant. He says spelling and the spelling bee is not his favorite thing to do.