Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Time Flies (Flashback May 2004)

Wow, time does fly.

Here is a flashback to May 2004. This was my older son's first season of Little League. I believe this was my son's first game, his team is in red. When signing up, the coaches were speechless to hear he was doing his first season at age six. Here it is thought to be not just odd but possibly negligent, because most children (boys and girls alike) start playing Little League at age four in my town. It is all about starting early, doing a lot of extracurricular, structured activities starting in babyhood around here: go-go-go, compete-compete-compete, that is the mindset.

My older son is growing like a weed. He has changed so much in his 9th year. That change has happened where he is losing that small, thin little boy look and turning into more of a young man look. It doesn't seem right that it is happening already. His hands are nearly as large as mine. His feet are no longer cute. He used to be smaller framed and on the skinny side. He is filling out now and has defined muscles.

This son did Little League for two seasons then asked to not do it any longer. I am more than happy to not have either of my children in Little League this year for multiple reasons.

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Jess said...

Hi Christine...
I know what you say is all too true- this too shall pass, and all too quickly. My oldest son is in his first season of little league this year and he is loving it... but soon enough he too will lose the cute little feet he's still barely hanging onto! Thanks for this "all boy" post!

Jess @ Making Home