Sunday, April 15, 2007

Please Work

It is so frustrating to keep trying to publish a blog entry and getting only error messages.

If my blog is lacking a current entry it means that I am still unable to publish them.


Now this one published by all my 'real' blog posts won't publish.

I am a bit frustrated as I have taken the time to write longer blog entries with links and all that jazz yet can't publish them.

Is this God's way of telling me to stop blogging and to spend my time doing different things or something?


Natalie said...

NO. This is Blogger's way of testing the patience of its client base! lol Don't stop blogging (i mean, uh, take a break. make sure the kids are alive. then come back!).

Natalie--looking for that post on the children's version of Inconvenient Truth that you blogged earlier...that was here, right?

christinemm said...

Yes I did blog on that last week, on April 7th.

I have so many blog posts that Blogger won't let me publish.

Then yesterday due to the flooding and storm damage my Internet access kept going in and out as did my phone service.

I'd like to know why the Blogger people are not sharing these issues with us or telling us it is being fixed or whatever. My long note to them explaining what is happening (which is what they asked for, the details) has gone unanswered. Groan.