Wednesday, April 25, 2007

An Opportunity To Make Money Blogging

This came through my email from BlogTopSites on 4/24/07. Unfortunately I don’t qualify but maybe you do.

There is something aside we wanted to mention. For those that don't know, the parent company of all of this is BloggyNetwork. We do both blog resources (ala BlogFlux) and also blogs. One of our upcoming projects involves local blogging. If you live in a major US city (750k+ people) and want to blog about your city (and get paid for it), please drop us a line at Please note that it has to be a major US city (we will expand with time).

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Dana said...

Ok, that is half the population of my state. Our largest city doesn't even have half that number of people! Thanks for the info, though. That would be kind of nice to make money for my rambling!

Andy Martin said...

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