Monday, April 30, 2007

Intentions, Reasons, Aims and Goals I Have For Attending This Homeschooling Conference

Here are my intentions, reasons, aims and goals I have for attending the big homeschooling conference last weekend.

1. To be in a room with 2500 other homeschoolers! To feel not alone in this journey. To feel the energy that emanates from everyone. I haven’t had this experience in two years, so I feel overdue.

2. To attend some homeschooling lectures to reinforce that homeschooling is good and right. I’m looking for general topics of encouragement. I am not really looking for topics about how to teach, methods, styles etc.

3. I am thinking about using the Institute for Excellence in Writing (IEW) for a writing composition program. That is the main product/book that I need to research while at this conference. I want to attend the vendor lecture they are giving. I want to look at the program and hold it in my hands and figure out what it is. I have been unable to get the gist that I am looking for by reading the IEW website. I have checked the resale prices online and they are not a deep discount. I will purchase this at this conference if it looks worthwhile and do-able for our family.

4. I want to browse to see if I can find a good children’s Bible to purchase.

5. I want to find a nice Bible that I can read. I need to hold these in my hands and look at them. I want a Bible that does not have pages that are translucent.

6. I want to browse around for living books and just see what is around in a very relaxed manner and not necessarily purchase anything because I have so much here that is still unread.

7. I am on a strict budget and need to not over-spend. I need to remember this and to keep myself under control at this conference.

(Note: I wrote this before I attended the conference but was unable to publish it at that time due to problems I'm having with the Blogger site.)

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JaneMarple said...

I hope you had a wonderful time! I like that the 2500 people was the first item on your list; it is wonderful to be surrounded by the energy of such a large community that supports you. I became a conference junkie starting with our local La Leche League conferences when my oldest was a baby...

Regarding IEW - if you decided it was something for you, and I say good call to see a vendor presentation first - there is a Yahoo list for them that I'm on right now that you might also like to join: IEWFamilies. I'm trying to decide on this purchase for my family; I sat in on a few sessions by Mr. Pudewa a few years ago.

There's a companion resale list, but it's very slow; I think most people find the program very good and keep what they have!