Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!

Since it is Easter, I thought it fitting to share these two pieces that my children created last month.

At church the children were offered the use of art and craft materials and were challenged to come up with their own interpretation of what they think of when they think of Jesus. They were not allowed to depict Jesus himself in the artwork. They had to do 95% or more of the work. The art was then displayed in the lobby of the church as part of a children's art display.

My younger son aged 6.5 chose to depict an image of "Me Praying To God" .

He sketched the image on scrap paper first. He then sketched onto the heavy paper and then he filled it in with colors using acrylic paints. He did all the work himself with just a few prompts from me to "fill in that white speck left over there" or "try that brush with the flat side to do the edge of the hill with".

Sorry for the odd shape of this but I cropped out my son's face to protect his privacy.


My older son aged 9.5 did this acrylic painting on stretched canvas. The title is "The Light of God: People are in the darkness praying to God and the light of God shines down onto them". (He made that up 100% on his own, I could not have thought of that myself to be honest.)

He first sketched on scrap paper. He then tried it in full scale on large paper. Then he sketched it onto the canvas with pencil. It was painted with cheap acrylic craft paints. I thought the gold should look more gold, so I had him do a top coat of gold with a fluid acrylic in gold from Golden (brand).

Both of my children won blue ribbons for their efforts. I chose to mention this since you can see it in the photos, not to brag. While none had a number on it, I figured out that blue is actually second place. I am glad they both got the same award as if my younger son got a lower rank he would have been upset (he is very competitive and wants to be equal at least to his brother). Neither child has figured out yet what color goes with what ranking and that is fine with me. Both are proud they won a ribbon (even though every child won a ribbon of some kind). Thinking of the concept was a creative endeavor and it was a good exercise for their mind. They had fun doing the artwork and they felt good about the art being on display for all to see so all of that is what matters (not what ranking they received).


The other day, the children and I decorated these Easter eggs which is a family tradition.

So from our family to yours, Happy Easter!


Dana said...

Beautiful artwork...thanks for sharing it! (And go ahead and brag if you want to...I would! I think it is a little different when it is our children, but maybe that is just me.)

I hope you had a wonderful Easter!

Math-U-See said...

You've got some good artists there. :-) Happy Easter!

Brenda Marie Hoffman said...

Their pictures are wonderful. I'm happy that they did so well. I'll have to keep this idea in mind for my church next year. It really does sound like you had a great Easter though. A belated Happy Easter!