Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We’re Done With American Idol

Last night I did it. I deleted the “season pass” for American Idol from our TiVo. Then I deleted the unwatched episode from last night as well. The “now showing” area of our TiVo is completely American Idol-free.


After watching the show for years we are done with it. I kind of can’t believe it and feel a bit odd about it. Millions of Americans are watching and talking about Idol but we are not.

First off, my husband hates it now as he always has.

Second in line came my younger son who after the audition shows asked if we could please stop watching.

Next my older son asked to watch something else that was on the TiVo instead. That night I said, “But tonight is a voting night, we have to watch it now if you want to vote”. Both boys said it was okay, they didn’t care about voting anymore.

So we didn’t watch it that night and to be honest I didn’t miss it.

I tried to watch some episodes while folding laundry and ironing but it was so “ho hum”.

I didn’t even get that riled up last week when the media reported a ‘scandal’ involving sexy photos of a clothed contestant which she herself had uploaded to the Internet. If I was more interested in the story I would have blogged about it—I chose to let it slide without comment from me.

I don’t like the male contestants and the show is just not interesting to me anymore.

So last night the show was recording and both kids actually begged to not watch it. We then decided as a family to stop watching it and so the family decision was made.

You won’t see me blogging about American Idol any more this season, I’m pretty sure.

The last I knew the Neilson ratings were still soaring for the show. I might keep an eye out to see if anyone else is losing interest in the show or perhaps it is just our family?

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Blueberry said...

We watched 30 minutes of it once and have never watched it since. Sometimes I feel like we're the only ones on the planet that doesn't like it.

There's always other things to do with our time so I don't worry about it.

Marsha said...

I've never understood the popularity of American Idol. Then again, I only ever saw maybe 10 minutes of it one day while waiting for a friend. It seemed....pedestrian. Yes, that's the word. The contestants, the judges, the stage, all of it, just run of the mill town talent show stuff. I couldn't tell you what night it's on nor on what network and I wouldn't have it any other way.

Brenda Marie Hoffman said...

Trust me, it's not just you. I can't stand that show anymore. I leave it on because there's nothing else on the local channels worth watching. However, with Howard Stern and his followers skewing the voting it's just not something I want to watch. The best players keep getting voted off.

Brenda Marie