Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Positive Article About Homeschooling And College Admissions Policies

A local homeschooler posted this article link to our homeschooling discussion group.

Article Title: Universities easing application policies for homeschoolers

Article Publication Date: 3/4/07

Here are my favorite quotes with red font to highlight the parts that I like best!

"The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is also willing to consider homeschoolers. The highly regarded school does not require a high school diploma. As part of its admissions process, it considers scores from college entrance exams and asks applicants to submit a 500-word essay, detail five extracurricular activities and offer two teacher evaluations."

About University of California, Riverside:

"We evaluate every student based on who they are," said Marilee Jones, dean of admissions at MIT.

The change came just in time for the 18-year-old Sample to apply and get accepted with a substantial scholarship.

Under Riverside's new policy, homeschoolers can apply by submitting a lengthy portfolio detailing their studies and other educational experiences."

And also this funny comment:

"Sample lives in Redlands with his parents and three younger siblings, who are also homeschooled. He got acceptance letters from colleges in Illinois and Texas but wanted to attend Riverside, the local university.

Now a freshman, he is adjusting well to college classes and shrugs when his peers complain about the way a professor teaches.

"You are already used to teaching yourself," he said about homeschooling. "Forget the teacher, forget the class, I am just going to read the book and figure it out myself."

Well this is a pretty impressive resume:

"Sample's package showed he had studied chemistry, U.S. history and geometry, rewired a house and helped rebuild a medical clinic in Nicaragua."

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