Thursday, March 08, 2007

Phone On The Blink

Well our phone is on the blink.

The first day, I was home and the phone did ring sometimes but was quiet other times. The phone was ringing less than usual but I didn’t think much of it. When I went to make a call, I realized we had voice mail messages left at times when I was home, when the phone never rang. Then that night, I’d not have a dial tone when I tried to use the phone. By hitting the button to hang up again, it would work.

By the second day of this we thought the problem was one of the phones. We suspected the portable phone as it was happening with that phone and not others, so we disconnected it. However the problem continued for a second day.

Yesterday (day three) it happened again with the cheap-o phone by my computer. So we disconnected that.

However as of this morning the problem is still happening. We’ve disconnected every phone and tried different phones on different jacks. We’ve figured out the problem is not related to just one phone or to just one jack.

The odd thing is that one moment we have a dial tone and the next moment we don’t.

At this point I think the problem is with the phone company. Or perhaps with some line outside the house or something more complicated than I can diagnose and fix myself.

Anyway it is weird to have a problem with the phone when the problem comes and goes.

So this is an example of logical thinking in a real life application.

And if any of you know me, and try to call me and reach my voice mail, I’m not ignoring your call, my phone is actually not ringing!

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