Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Overheard Sons Chatting About Reading

One big goal and a hope I have is that my children grow up to be lifelong readers that they enjoy reading for pleasure as well as read for information.

I overheard this conversation last week:

Son, aged 6.5: “I hate to read for a long time, I hate it when I read and it is like the world is tuned out.”

Son, aged 9.5 answered, “I LOVE THAT! That is the best when I read and it is like I am in the story and like the whole world is gone and I am in the book. That is GREAT! How could you not like that?”

Younger son didn’t answer.

Hooray! Now I know for sure that my older son has reached that point where he can read something and be so absorbed that he has escaped into that world that the book opened up for him. I could not be happier!

What prompted this statement from my younger son? I was having him read for 30 minutes straight as his homeschooling reading lesson. On his own a few weeks ago he upped it to 45 minutes which is what my older son is doing. I think perhaps my younger son just assumed he was to read for as long as his brother does. I figured, hey, if he is setting his reading timer for 45 minutes then that is fine by me. My younger son likes to take a break after about 20 minutes of reading. I am not pushing him too much and let him take a break. I worry that maybe his eyes will get strained or something. He is only 6.5 after all and he is reading chapter books not books with gigantic font.

I have a story to share about my older son but I am not finished writing that. For now I will just say that after some resistance to stop reading The Boxcar Children series for his reading time he has moved on to regular chapter books that the publisher has in the age range of 9-12. He proclaimed this week that reading is his most favorite homeschooling subject and he begs to do it first thing in the morning. He loves to curl up under a warm blanket and to submerge into his story for his 45 minutes of reading time.

At other points in the day my sons still choose comic books, magazines and catalogs for their pleasure reading material.

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