Monday, March 26, 2007

Narnia Paper Dolls, Free Online

I get a good number of hits on my blog from people looking for paper dolls for the Chronicles of Narnia. Some specifically want free stuff while others, I am not sure, could be looking to buy a book.

They find my blog as I had written about seeing a movie trailer and going to a Narnia promotional event at my public library back in December 2005. The library staff was giving away movie promotional materials and one thing we received was some paper dolls.

Recently while decluttering I came across these old papers from December 2005. I found the URL by seeing the website on the sheets that my kids had been given, and then I checked to see that the site is still available, and it is, so here is the link for the free Narnia paper dolls. These paper dolls are on the special website for promotional materials for the movie "The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe" which was released in theaters in December 2005.

You can print off these paper dolls, for free, from the Internet. I imagine the best thing to do would be to load your computer printer with cardstock paper and then to print them onto that. They are meant to be colored in by children. After your children color them you can cut them out and they can play with them.

If you are looking for a book that contains the paper dolls which is a more high-quality type product, I found this children's book online at Amazon. Presently, it shows as out-of-print with the least expensive copy selling for $90.09 through an Amazon Marketplace seller. The ISBN is 0694010782 and it shows that the book was published by Harper Collins and the author is C.S. Lewis with Mary Collier as a co-author.

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Brenda Marie Hoffman said...

Thanks for the link! The graphics are absolutely wonderful. I honestly couldn't imagine paying almost $100 for that book though LOL

christinemm said...

I will guess that this book had about a $5 or even $3.99 full retail price on the book. The fact that a used bookseller is asking $90.09 for the book is, I think, one of those cases where the booksellers sees that the book is out of print, and hope that someone will want it so badly that they'll pay that high price for it. Since there is not a glut of those books on the market or at least on Amazon in the Marketplace section, the seller is gambling on what I will call a "sucker" coming along and make an easy, big profit.

Good for that seller if they can find a buyer for the book at that high price. Go for it.

(It does look like a fun book but $90 is way over my tipping point.)

Faith Pray said...

Thank you, thank you! My Narnia-wild girls will be thrilled to see these paper dolls.