Saturday, March 10, 2007

eBay Clothes Selling Project

Today for hours I worked on a project to sell a bunch of my kids used clothing on eBay.

All I can say is this had better be worth it.

First I went through all the outgrown clothes to sort out what was sellable vs. what was good for giving away as hand-me-down's.

I then realized that I should iron the clothes before taking the photos as it was all pretty wrinkled from being stored in boxes, some were stored for a year. So I did iron everything. While ironing I found some with small stains so those won't be sold.

I then grouped the items into similar lots by sizes and arranged them and took photos.

I also had to make a big list of everything that I am selling so it will be easy to write up each auction.

I have 36 auctions to list. There are four boxes of clothing to sell. I have five boxes of clothing to give away to my relatives.

Wow, what a big project.

Let's hope this stuff sells!

Tomorrow I'll be listing the auctions. Wish me luck.

So that is what I was up to today instead of blogging some large post.

Update 3/12/07: I realized I had not researched the shipping options and costs for using the US Postal Service. I need to do that first so that I don't either overcharge in the listing and scare away potential bidders and so I don't underestimate charges and lose money. So I didn't list these auctions this weekend after all!

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