Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Deer Ticks Active In Connecticut Today!

When I picked my children up from an outdoor science class that they attend, I was surprised to hear the announcement that the deer ticks are out and about already this year.

Yesterday it was 57 degrees and sunny. Today it was in the mid-40’s, raining and gray.

My children told me that two children found deer ticks walking on their skin today during class. They found them on their necks.

We have had a mild winter.

The last deer tick I pulled off of my children was November 30, 2006---which was late in calendar year to still find active deer ticks.

Now we have deer ticks on children on March 15th, isn’t that early too?

I was hoping to not have to think about deer ticks and Lyme Disease prevention for at least another month but I guess I was wrong.

So today we resumed the full body tick checks and the task of shedding clothes once one gets in the door and laundering everything.


Note: Deer ticks are also known as black-legged ticks and their latin name is Ixodes scapularis.

I shared photos of an embedded deer tick on one of my sons in this blog entry from November 2006.

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