Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A List of New England Homeschooling Conferences Spring and Summer 2007

Here is a list of homeschooling conferences that I compiled last week, based on my Internet research for New England for the spring and summer of 2007.

Not all of the information online was comprehensive, but this is what I was able to find.

I compiled this list to answer a friend’s request to know when the soonest homeschooling conference is going to be held. She specifically asked about shopping in a vendor hall.

I believe the first in this area is MassHope’s conference, held in Worcester MA on April 27-28.
My comments: Their vendor hall is gigantic and they have vendor seminars (where the company explains what their product is) as well as regular lectures. This is a Christian conference. I have attended this conference twice and feel it is worth going for the shopping alone! Since so many vendors sell “living books” and also games, toys, and activities and experiments, even unschoolers will find a lot of things to buy. I believe they have about 2500 attendees each year.

CHN (Connecticut Homeschool Network) is planning one, I don’t know the date, they used to do it in May or June, traditionally. They didn’t have one in 2006. They are looking for volunteers to put one on in 2007.
My comments: They don’t have a lot of curriculum to look at, though, it is a small conference, too. I would guess that there are not 500 people in attendance. This is an “all-inclusive” conference.

TEACH (The Education Association of Christian Homeschoolers) in CT (Christian) is having theirs on June 7-8, 2007 in Bloomfield, CT.
My comments: I have never been to this conference. My friends tell me it is smaller than MassHope's conference.

ENOCH in New Jersey is June 1-2 (Christian) (I know that is not New England but it is close to Connecticut.)

There is one in Boxboro MA (all-inclusive)
New England Homeschool and Family Learning Conference
My comments: The last one was July 2006, I can’t find a date for 2007but I believe they are usually always held in July. Unschoolers I know enjoy this conference. I believe Pat Farenga has spoken there in the past.

My general complaint: there is never one place for all the homeschooling confernees to be listed. It seems to me that when I find a list they are either all Christian conferences on one site, then another list may be only the “all inclusive” groups. Why can’t we have just one list someplace but list what kind of conference it is in case someone wants that information?

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