Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Going on an Internet and Computer Fast—Heading North

Tomorrow I will begin a seven day Internet and computer fast. This of course means no email, not using the computer to write, no blogging, and no surfing the net for information or enlightenment.

This is not being done as a planned thing, it is not for some kind of intentional sabbatical or for an experiment or to give myself something to write about!

It is being forced upon me as tomorrow I leave for northern Maine to a little town that my husband says is like stepping back in time, to the 1950s at least, in a poverty stricken area in the middle of the Maine woods. I am going to be visiting my grandmother not just for a vacation-visit but to help out as she needs since her caregiver will be out of state for eight days.

My grandmother was a strong, hard-working busy woman all her life. Now she is 96 years old and frail, but still living alone. She has none of the common ailments that adults and elderly people usually get, but she is tired and needs assistance. She happens to be the oldest person alive in that town. She is the current holder of the Boston Post Cane (sometimes called the "Golden Cane"). However it is not on display in her home as she does not want it, saying, “The holder of the cane always dies so I don’t want it”. In any even the town did present it to her in a formal ceremony in 2006 and she promptly returned it to them for storage at the town hall.

The kids, the kittens and I are taking the trip while my husband remains at home.

Right now I need to go pack and get ready. I am not sure if I’ll have time today to blog another entry. If I have time, I might even stack up some blog entries in draft form for my husband to post while I am gone. It would be good to post some of my already-written drafts rather than let them gather virtual dust in my hard drive.

I am sure I am going to miss the Internet very much.

I made trips today to two libraries to get some books for my children to read (current obsession: Tintin). Older son asked for Harry Potter #5 on audiobook and I picked up Redwall on audiobook (hoping to listen to that instead of HP#5 again). We'll listen to the recorded books while on the 500 mile (each way) trip.

While in Maine, one consolation is that the public library in that little town is what I called the “time warp” library. Due to lack of funds they have not expanded their children’s titles in many years. What is on the children’s. shelf is a lot of books from the 1930s, 40s, 50s and 60s when the town was wealthier than it is today. Many of those books are out of print and some are sought after by homeschoolers. I am sure I will be in the library borrowing books and browsing the stacks.

I wonder if I can survive a whole week without a computer, email and the Internet. We’ll see.

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Dana said...

Those forced fasts are frustrating to begin with...you notice the little things like how convenient it is to get a recipe off the computer.

But then, you realize all the time wasted, too. I got a blanket knitted during my forced fast, and have since made more of a concerted effort to not just jump online "for a couple of minutes." So much more gets done that way!