Monday, February 19, 2007

Editing My Blog Template

Today with much trepidation and fear, I switched over to the new Blogger template. It is supposed to be easier to use and requires less HTML knowledge to operate. After testing the new functions with my other blog and my test blog, I was confident that I knew what I was doing.

I also decided to change my blog template/the overall look or "skin" of my blog. That is the first step in the process. After two years with the old design I feel the blog needed an updated look.

Then, I had to add in a bunch of sidebar links to basically re-install what used to appear on my old blog template. There is some problem going on where the blog template shows certain data installed and it should be viewable but I don't see it appearing on my blog. It is a bit like a magician's disappearing act. One of the things which the system says does appear but I don't see is my archive list. That is not good. Also not appearing is my Amazon box which earns me commissions on sales, so that is not good.

Perhaps this was not such a good idea after all?

I then had to spend some time on Blogger's help area looking to see if this is a known problem. As usual it is not easy to find the help I need. It looks like if I want an answer to my question I'll have to join a chat forum and spend a bunch of time searching old discussion posts to see if others have this problem or if Blogger knows that this problem exists.


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Judy Aron said...

Wow - this looks much better and is ten times faster to load on my browser.
Nice job!