Monday, January 29, 2007

Math Mojo Site

Brian of the Math Mojo site has been leaving comments on my blog. He is a real person with something to say, not one of those spam-comment-leavers who are just trying to get people to visit their blog or site.

Here is an explanation of Math Mojo, as seen in the manifesto.

"The Math Mojo "Manifesto"

Almost everyone feels that they could be better at math than they already are. And they are right!

Do you have a definition of math that makes sense to you? Probably not. Why not? Isn't it crazy that they spend so much time trying to teach you math in school, and they don't even help you understand what it is?

We are usually taught math as a "subject" in school. Math is so much more than that! It is philosophy, art, entertainment, and more.

We are usually taught that there is "one way" to get an answer. That is one of the worst things you can tell someone. First of all, it is not true! For instance, there are hundreds and hundreds of ways to multiply. And one of the worst ways is to torture yourself with the "tables" and rote memory.

Second of all, even if there were "one best way" to get an answer, it would surely not be the one they teach you in school.

Math Mojo uses lots of ways to do the operations of math which are much more inspiring than memorizing some boring stuff and taking senseless tests.

Math Mojo is dedicated to making math about how you view your world, not how teachers view you. My priority is not teachers. My priority is your relationship to reality.

Math can be a great tool for understanding the world. And the world is not math tests. The world is much cooler than that!"

I see a podcast that for now, is free to listen to.

Yes, Math Mojo does sell some products. The site also shares information.

If you are curious about his ways of teaching math, check out his site and his blog.

Math Mojo Site

Math Mojo Blog

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