Monday, January 22, 2007

A Little More On The American Idol Seattle Audition Show

I got curious so did some web surfing today. I found this article about some of the contestants on the show.

The auditioner with the red Hawaiian shirt who I suspected had some kind of diagnosis is reported to have Autism and to have competed in a past Special Olympics. His name is Jonathan Jayne. Here is his My Space account.

Kenneth Briggs is the name of the auditioner who Simon Cowell said looked like a monkey, and a bush baby. Here is a link to a blog article that shows a photo of Briggs alongside a photo of a bush baby.

Briggs and Jayne have appeared on a talk show, read more about that here.

Here is a long article which I didn't have time to read, but that describes the different contestants and has photos of them.

The next American Idol audition show is tomorrow night, will you be watching?

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meredith said...

Great Carnival Christine!! Thanks so much!