Friday, December 29, 2006

Too Much Miscommunication In The World

I will just sum it up to say this world is filled with miscommunication and it causes all kinds of problems. Perhaps it is the root of most problems. It seems to me that most people don’t learn how to effectively and accurately communicate information. It starts with childhood and continues through the teen years, adult years, and the elderly years.

One small communication problem can snowball into a big problem or a big drama event. A little error of communication can go from affecting one person to involving whole families.

Then those who choose NOT to communicate what they know add to the problem. Sometimes intentionally not saying what one knows of the issue can cause even more problems.

The other issue that sometimes applies is the poor communication of emotions. That is another whole ball of wax that probably fuels the entire psychotherapy field.

I also feel that lack of effective communication and lack of communicating one’s emotions well leads to anger, which when suppressed, turns into rage that can surface as anything from road rage to verbal outbursts, verbal abuse or even physical abuse and in some cases rape.

Right now I’m dealing with health care professionals and my grandmother regarding setting up home care visits for the first time. So far in what should have been one simple act between the doctor, the visiting nurses and my grandmother has snowballed into a mess of miscommunications and still no home care visits have begun. Add in there that the agency’s automated phone system (press 1 for X, etc.) is programmed poorly, in a way to cause further problems for callers; I had to be told how to trick the system, to ignore what the recording says and to press a different number to reach who I really need to reach.

Why can’t people just learn to LISTEN to what was actually said and then to clearly communicate it, and to verify that what was HEARD was actually what was SAID? It would save people a lot of aggravation, worry, anger, and a number of other negative emotions, energy sapping and time wasting.

I have seen these issues in every area of my life ranging from family relations, friendships, volunteer organizations, activities my children are involved in, health care, working in my former career, the government, and it is everywhere.

If we all focused on learning how to communicate effectively, how to listen to one another and to treat others with respect this would would be a much better place.

If we threw in the Golden Rule then we’d really be on the right track, perhaps even to more happiness in the world.

And maybe more peace and less war. Am I getting carried away now? Asking too much?

In the meantime I’ll be happy if the agency just sets up the first home care visit and gets over to my grandmother’s today for that first visit.

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Birdie said...

Oh, this is a subject near and dear to my heart. Over the years I have learned to repeat what others say back to them, and then ask questions whenever I have any doubts at all as to what they might mean.

christinemm said...

I do that too. It is easy to do in a respectful way.

The problem comes with other people and when two people don't do it with each other and you find out that both think something else is going on. Then they get a 3rd person like me involved, and there are 4 versions of a story, which is reality? Insansity.