Friday, December 22, 2006

Strep Throat Alters Christmas Plans

Well both of my kids were diagnosed with Strep Throat the other day. They are both on antibiotics now. Even on the day of the doctor visit the one who felt sick prior to that day proclaimed he felt "Great!" and the other was not sick at all (but the doctor said his neck lymph nodes were a bit swollen and his throat was dark pink on exam). So anyway my point for mentioning that is that although both are said to have strep throat and they are on treatment, they both feel fantastic and are not acting sick at all!

From my research online (here is one source) it is contagious for only the first 24 hours after beginning the antibiotics.

Despite that information, my brother cancelled plans to do an early Christmas with us and his family out of fear of being infected. He and his family are going out of state to visit his wife’s parents and other family members for Chrismas day, so they won’t be here on Christmas day to celebrate with us here at our home with the others in our family who will be guests in our home.

Well not doing an early, separate celebration with them gave me extra time for baking cookies and cleaning the house, and it let my kids rest at home for another day. So for that reason I didn’t get into an argument about the fact that my kids would not have been contagious. Who wants to argue anyway? Their Pediatrician said it is “risky” to be around my kids. Whatever. I continue to be amazed at how the medical professionals can give different advice even based on something as simple as the question of "how long after starting antibiotics is a person with strep throat contagious?".

Side Note:
My cousin who lives out of state and whom I do not see on Christmas was telling me that she is very stressed out about seeing all the different people in her family for Christmas. It gets confusing about who to spend Christmas day with when there are many people in the family plus when their parents are divorced. Both my cousin and her husband’s parents are divorced so there are 4 different pairs of parents who want to see them and their grandchildren on Christmas day. Add in siblings and their extended family, and my cousin and her husband's living grandparents and wow, does it get hard to please everyone and to see everyone for the holiday.

My cousin said one of her friends said “enough is enough” as she is going to six different family member’s Christmas parties.

I guess I don’t have a lot to complain about with seeing my husband’s family on Christmas Eve and my own family on Christmas Day, then one more party for my brother and his family, do I?

(I am sick of cleaning the house and decluttering the house so am taking little breaks and using that time to blog, in case you are wondering how I find the time to blog when it is this close to Christmas.)

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Birdie said...

I'm sorry to hear that your little folk are sick for the holidays. I hope that you all manage to have the merriest Christmas ever, anyway!