Saturday, December 30, 2006

Game Review: Find It Games

The title of this post was going to be “My New Addiction”. However since it will read more like a game review, I’ll call it what it is. I am speaking about a series of games made by the company “Find It Games”.

While shopping in an independent toy store for math flash cards (Evan’s Toy Shop in Hamden, CT) I saw this Find It game on the shelf and had no clue what it was. I was in a hurry and passed it by. (They didn’t have the math flash cards that I wanted in stock.)

On my next trip to the sister store, Jesse’s Toy Shop (Orange, CT) to try to find the elusive math flash cards, I saw this game on the counter and while paying for the flash cards, and I looked it over. It is a clear plastic tube with two colored ends. Inside are tiny multicolored plastic pellets. Little objects are hidden inside. With a movement the little objects slide are either instantly hidden or revealed to the viewer. The clerk raved about the game and explained that there are little objects suspended inside the tube. Just by shaking and moving the tube you are supposed to find each object (you don’t take it apart). The list of hidden items is permanently printed on the top and also there are a bunch of paper copies to serve as a disposable check off list.

I thought about this neat sounding game while at home and decided it would make a great Christmas gift. So on another day I set out to buy it (from Jesse’s Toy Shop). I purchased Find It Zoo for my younger son, Find It Original for my older son and Find It Beach for me. I could not resist so I bought all three that the shop had in stock.

I actually imagined that this would be a perfect desk game for people who work. It is exactly the right thing to fool around with while on the phone on hold or while enduring a long and boring phone conversation which cannot be ended.

My kids and I are all addicted to these games now! We want all of them!

The penny is said to be the hardest to find of all. If you find it you read the year on it and submit it on the website and your name will be published. This is a bit like the search for a needle in a haystack. But just fifteen minutes into playing my first ever game, I saw the penny, the tip/edge of it, in the Zoo version. However as I stared at it, without moving it, it sunk below the little plastic granules, right before my eyes. I played with that thing for an hour after seeing that penny and my kids and I just played with it again for another hour. No amount of shaking and wiggling made the elusive penny resurface. The next night I played with it again and did find the penny again, but just the edges. My husband and kids were witness to it. However, before I could read the year on the penny, it slid under the pellets and was long gone.

I am convinced this is truly science at work. Different shaped items are easier to find due to the way they slide easily through the pellets. The penny, on the other hand, is much more difficult to make surface. I have also been playing around with different ways to shake it to make the objects surface more quickly. I don’t quite know what the physics behind this is but I am sure that someone could figure this out. What is relevant is the amount of air space available versus the space where the pellets are and how much room everything has to move around in.

I can imagine that this would be fun to play with in the car, while at the doctor’s office, and as a conversation piece on the coffee table. It is fun for young children, older children, teens, and adults. As I already said it would be a fun thing to keep on your desk or in the desk drawer at work.

This is a durable game. If it is not intentionally destroyed by children or adults, I can see this lasting for many years. It is strong and durable.

The company does have a website but it is sparse and not very helpful at the moment. I just checked and sure enough, Amazon sells them and there are some customer reviews that provide more information than the company’s own website. There are six games available for purchase, so far.

1. Find It Original (full retail $20)

This game has little household objects such as clothes pin, push pin tack, staple, elastic band, Christmas tree light bulb, wooden matchstick, wooden toothpick, etc.

2. Find It At The Zoo (full retail $20)

This has creatures ranging from pet cats and dogs to tropical fish to large animals from every habitat. The objects are either solid colored plastic, clear plastic, or little colored erasers. Most of the colors are not realistic (i.e. bright green goose).

3. Find It At The Beach (full retail $20)

While I thought my sons would like this theme the best I knew the pastel pink and pastel baby blue colors of the pellets would turn off my sons. That is why I bought this for myself (and I will share it with them).

Some day soon we will buy these versions for our family.

4. Find It Kids (full retail $20)

5. Find It Bird Watch (full retail $20)

This version features more than items related to birds! LOVE IT! The items range from birds themselves to bird watching equipment to a few predators.

6. The manufacturer’s website shows a Find It Deluxe Edition (full retail $32) with 70 hidden items, that comes with a board game type activity, where players have a certain amount of time to find a specific object.

I plan to buy these for birthday gifts for my children’s friends. I can’t imagine any child not liking this game.

Actually any “child at heart” would love this game!

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These look really fun! I am going to have to look for them and see if my gang enjoys them.