Thursday, November 30, 2006

What Is The Role of a Mother?

I find it very interesting that I get so many hits to my blog for people looking for a list of things that a mother is supposed to do or to define the role of a mother.

For the record I have never compiled a list.

Why does not everyone in our society have a base understanding of what a mother should do and indeed does do?

Do we really need lists on the Internet to tell us what the traditional role of a mother is?

I keep pondering why this is a frequent Internet search. And I am left baffled.

To meet this obvious demand for unfound and unknown information should I actually compile a list and blog it? Would I be doing the public a service by listing my definition of what a the role of a mother is? (Do you really need ME to do that for you?)

Why is there a knowledge gap in this area? I’m still miffed.

I just had to share that thought with you.

(Now I’m going back to tending to my sick child, that would be one item for the list.)

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1 comment:

Marsha said...

I'm always astonished at the searches people run. I, for one, am rueing the day I put the word "hot" in the title of my blog, 'cause it's been leading many, many ever-so-slightly naughty people astray for some time now. I can only imagine their disappointment when I come up so high on their hits for some of these searches, as I surmise that I am not at all what they're looking for!