Thursday, November 30, 2006

Links About Child Molestation Allegation Story on Dr. Phil (Kaylee, Jeremy, Krista and Bonii)

I don’t have time to write a long summary about this as I must tend to a sick child this morning.

Since I am getting so many hits on my blog I want to point you to a few websites to get more information.

The names of the people in this story are:

Biological Father, accused of sexually molesting his daughter: Jeremy Park (presently married to someone not related to the alleged victim)

Jeremy's present wife, pregnant right now, I don't know her name (sorry)

Biological Mother: Krista (not married to, was never married to Jeremy Park)

Biological Grandmother: Bonii (pronounced just like the name "Bonnie")

The Child, the alleged victim, Kaylee (presently age three)

Here is a new website started by Bonii, with additional information than what was provided on the Dr. Phil show.

Dr. Phil’s site for part four, title of episode “Jeremy Returns” which originally aired on November 28, 2006---the summary can be read here.

As promised by Dr. Phil, here is his list of free online resources to help educate yourself about child sexual abuse, signs and symptoms.

Thank you Dr. Phil for placing that information on your site for all to see.

If you want to join the Dr. Phil message board discussion on this topic, here, you must first register for a free account then you can chat about it. (I am not posting comments on those boards, just don’t have time for it.)

This is the “He touched my pee pee” accusation story.

You would not believe how many hits I am getting on my blog from people looking for information about this story. I hope that these links help you.

I blogged about the first three parts of this series in more detail earlier this month.

My purpose for blogging about this is to raise awareness of stories in the media about child sexual molestation accusations and child sexual abuse. I feel that it is time for our society to wake up, to stop pretending that there is child sex abuse in our country and to do something to work harder at preventing it and to do more to punish those who commit the crimes, and to get the victims the help and treatment they need so they can hopefully not be too badly scarred for life from the experience.

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Tanya's thoughts said...

Good for you.....I like seeing more people trying to raise awareness about child molestation. I am a survivor of sexual abuse. I have written a post about my experience if your interested in reading it. I too am looking to help people who have been thru this. My blog adress is

Ganvo said...

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