Tuesday, November 28, 2006

He’s Back: Part Four of Dr. Phil’s Child Molestation Allegation of Father Named Jeremy to Air Today

I thought that Dr. Phil’s coverage of this one family’s story was over, at least for the short term. I thought perhaps we’d hear, next season, how things turned out for the family (as is typical for the show’s format). However, part four airs TODAY.

For anyone following this family on the Dr. Phil show, or for anyone who is interested in hearing how the media portrays child molestation allegations, I wanted to let you know about this show so you can watch it later today if you want.

Earlier in November Dr. Phil had a three part show about one family’s allegation that the birth father was molesting his daughter from the age of two to her present age of 3.5. I blogged about the first two shows here and the third show here.

This upcoming Tuesday, November 28, 2006, the accused father named Jeremy is back on the Dr. Phil show. The Dr. Phil site states this:

Jeremy Returns
Dr. Phil follows up with Krista and Bonii's quest for the truth, to find out if 3-year-old Kaylee is being molested by her father, Jeremy. Jeremy maintains his innocence even after a polygraph test showed him to be lying. He took another lie detector test at his hometown police department, and brought the results for Dr. Phil to review. What does an independent polygrapher say about this second test? Then, Jeremy asked to undergo hypnosis as another means of getting closer to the truth. Were there any new revelations? And, Jeremy had agreed to supervised visits with Kaylee, but when he got home, he changed his mind, so Krista denied him visitation. They end up facing off in front of a judge. Did Krista serve jail time or let Jeremy see Kaylee? Is Jeremy being falsely accused, or is this little girl still in harm's way?"

So head’s up if you are interested in following this story into a fourth installment.

Note that the show’s teaser seems to imply that the polygraph test taken by the local police department did not show that the father is being deceptive. This should be interesting since so much weight seems to be put on the lie detector tests, especially when the victim is very young and even when the young victim tells other adults verbally what has happened, that if true, would be considered sexual abuse (of a minor aged child). Anyway it makes you wonder about polygraph tests and their accuracy, doesn’t it?

I don’t have any answers. I am not judging anyone. I am watching and thinking about this little girl and her family, though.

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VANESSA said...

I am trying 2 find a update on this story todays date is 7-22-13 watched 3prts on own this morning my email is dallas1658@yahoo.com please send link if ava. thank u i liked ur blog.

ChristineMM said...

Vanessa the latest update I could find was on the Dr. Phil website dated 2009. That was 3 years after the first show aired. Here it is.

You may want to contact the Dr. Phil website / show and ask for an update. If enough people ask maybe he will do another current update.