Sunday, November 26, 2006

Amazon Associates Reminder: Please Consider Linking Through From My Blog

If something I have blogged about has inspired or helped you in any way I would ask that if you plan to make any purchases on you consider navigating to the Amazon site by clicking on the Amazon box in my left sidebar, right there near the top of my blog.

After you click through anything you can add anything you want to your shopping cart and finalize the order within 24 hours will earn me a small commission.

I am what is called an “Amazon Associate”. The Amazon Associate program also added a new twist for this season, from now through 12/31/06 gift certificates purchased through Associate links will also earn a commission. Therefore if you buy a gift certificate through my blog link I’ll earn a commission then later if you spend it through my blog link I will earn yet another commission on the items you purchase.

Some people I was speaking with were confused and though I must mention a specific item on my blog in order to earn a commission on the sale of it—THAT IS NOT TRUE.

Or if in the past I mentioned a book or an item, you don’t need to go back through my blog archives to find that old link. You just use that little white and black Amazon ad in my sidebar to navigate to

Indeed if I feature a product on my blog and you buy it through that link I will earn the commission. But if you want to order anything else such as clothing, shoes, music, whatever else they sell that I didn’t put a direct link to, I will still earn a commission on it. In this way one time I earned a commission when someone purchased a vacuum cleaner through my blog.

Your purchases are confidential. I am told only what was purchased, what price was paid and the date. Amazon keeps all the rest of your personal information confidential.

So please consider linking through my blog over to Amazon if you are going to shop at Amazon this holiday season (or any time next year for that matter!).

I thank you in advance for doing this.

Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!

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