Friday, October 20, 2006

Dr. Phil Show To Address Homeschooling Next Week

It is too early to confirm with the official website but Spunky Homeschool has blogged that on Friday, October 27th 2006, the Dr. Phil show will focus on homeschooling. She reports that two families in the audience say it was not a positive show, with Dr. Phil doubting ‘how homeschooled kids will turn out’.

Set your VCRs and DVRs now if you want to see it!

I assume by Monday we can verify on the site if that is the right date, as they usually announce over the weekend what is coming up in that one upcoming week.

I have always wondered what Dr. Phil would think about homeschooling.

I really agree with a lot that he has to say but based on the fact that we disagree on some issues I never can quite predict what he’ll think of a new topic. In the past I have felt that he pushes too hard for mothers of babies to be back into the workforce full time even when the mother stated she was emotionally torn apart over it and wanting to be at home with her newborn baby. In that case I thought he was too much on the bandwagon of rooting for the mother to be a SuperMom, working full time and also being a mother in her non-working hours and juggling everything in life and having that be a great American way to live.

Dr. Phil tends to be more non-attachment parenting than I would ever live in our lives. He has disappointed me with some of his views on breastfeeding and is not even in line with the length of breastfeeding as per most experts in the field. He is anti-co-sleeping as well.

I guess one could say that with regard to parenting preschool aged children or elementary aged children I like what he has to say, especially when what the family did to parent the child has resulted in a little monster and when a big change is necessary.

I think Dr. Phil is correct in his treatment of teenagers and parents having limits and earning privileges.

I am disappointed to hear that he may have produced an anti-homeschooling show.

I’ll be watching the Dr. Phil homeschooling episode with pen and paper in hand taking notes and will share my thoughts here on my blog. If my buttons are pushed enough I’ll also be blasting off an email to Dr. Phil to share my disappointment.

One thing that bothers me is that since millions of people watch the Dr. Phil show I worry that homeschooling is about to be slammed to millions of viewers, it would be a shame!

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gmanty said...

Uuggh! Why don't people like Dr. Phil do some research before "worrying" about how homeschoolers will fare as adults?

Unique said...

Dr. Phil - YUCK!

Sometimes I can't believe that there are people so stupid and so lacking in self confidence that they actually believe what he says.

Get a grip, people! He doesn't know any more about how to live a good life than you do.

So Dr. Phil worries about how homeschoolers will turn out? I question how *he* turned out. I am NOT impressed.