Thursday, September 14, 2006

List of Reading Level of Children's Books Online

Thanks to R.K. on the discussion boards for providing this link to a mother who asked what the reading level of the Chronicles of Narnia is.

This free, online, 61 page guide lists books by title, author, and independent reading level. You may resort the list by those three categories. I believe this list was created for school teachers as it contains test reference numbers and 'point values' but we homeschoolers can make use of this list as well, for our own purposes.

I had not seen this site before and am very happy to have found it.

In June 2006 I gave my children a reading test whose result was to tell at what grade level my children were reading. I realized the reading material I was giving them for practice reading was below their ability level, which is not good if the purpose for the reading practice is to challenge them. Pleasure reading and books they choose to read on their own are different and it doesn’t matter to me if those are above or below their reading level. For practicing reading I don’t want them reading things that are way too easy for them. They are both reading above grade level and the actual result surprised me (I won’t reveal the results lest it sound like bragging). I think they should be at least practicing reading at the level that the test revealed.

After they read through some books that I already have planned for them to read, I will use this list to help me find books to assign them to read for independent reading practice. I have been guessing as to a books reading level but now I can use this list if I want. I’ll combine the recommended books from other great book lists and the recommendations of friends with this new list.

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