Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Broken Toe From Books? Book Clutter Needs Addressing

Ouch, I just stubbed my toe on a box of books cluttering my library (where my computer is). I think I broke my little toe. Seriously.

I thought I was doing so well lately with getting rid of books!

I am trying so hard to let go of books that we are done with or don’t need. I also am getting rid of stuff we might use in the future but I highly doubt we actually will.

In an attempt to be thrifty instead of just giving them away for completely free, I am swapping out many via I have sent over 50 packages out in the last six weeks. One package contained 41 books and some packages contained 2-4 books. The books that are coming in are books that my children want to read right now, books for homeschooling such as some of the Sonlight recommended titles for future grades, etc.

When the books get to a point where they are causing physical injury you know there is a problem with book clutter.

I am very serious about the toe possibly being broken. This is not a joke.

I need to clear these books out of the library and just have the ones on the shelves in this room. I guess that will be the next top priority project. In order to get a project done I need to put all other projects lower on the priority list. To get this done quickly I will also have to enlist the help of my family, not to do the work but that they leave me alone and stay away from me so I can just do this. Ugh, I dread finishing up this project. But I don’t want any more injuries.

I think I’ll go get some ice for my toe now….

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