Thursday, August 31, 2006

Homeschooling Supplier: Love to Learn Catalog

I received a paper catalog in the mail from Love to Learn, a homeschool supply company.

I read through the catalog and they offer so many great books! The bulk of what they sell is regular books which are living books. The catalog is nicely categorized by topic and features full color illustrations of the cover of the books. Some of the books are non-fiction such as history while others are historical fiction.

They also offer lots of games and hands on activities for each subject. For example they offer board games about US Geography as well as maze books. They offer books full of hands on activities for various subjects.

Rick and Diane Hopkins are the homeschooling parents who own this company and run it. They have been in business for 16 years.

I would say the catalog is geared toward the homeschooler who designs their own studies, whether they consider themselves eclectic or classical or unschoolers.

There is a Bible study category. I don’t see Catholic materials here so I assume they are Protestant Christians.

The science section contains secular materials as well as creationist materials.

There is a section on character training books and materials which contains some religious materials.

They also sell various homeschooling curriculum and materials but as I said the bulk of what they sell is living books or homeschool helping books.

I highly recommend this homeschool supplier. I have flagged a bunch of books that I would like to use in the future. (I already own a bunch that they sell!) I have never ordered from this company.

I was not overwhelmed by this catalog. It did not leave me feeling confused or that I should buy every single thing, for example. Having used and read some of the items they sell I can see that they provide way more than one family would ever need to study a topic, yet everything they offer seems so good! If a family used a fraction of these materials, they would be providing their children with a high quality home education!

I highly recommend this catalog, especially to new homeschoolers, as a fine reference and resource for very good materials.

Company Information:
Love to Learn
Questions and orders phone line: 1-801-423-2009
Order phone line: 1-888-771-1034
hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday – Saturday

Note: I have not received payment or any kind of compensation for mentioning this company on my blog.

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Leigh Ann said...

The Hopkins are a Mormon family. They publish one generic Christian homeschool catalog and one that includes their Mormon materials. Just FYI.