Friday, August 25, 2006

About Valerie’s Living Books: Book Seller & Helpful Website

Valerie Jacobsen is a homeschooling mother of ten children who operates a bookselling business. Here is the introduction from the Valerie’s Living Books website:

"Welcome to our family book store! We have new and used books, living books, rare books, and collectible books! Our homeschooling treasures are chosen with extra special care for highest quality content. Our book store also offers a variety of unique items for the discerning book collector. If you've been looking for a particular collectible or living book, just let me know! I am happy to make your wanted list my special project!"

I have ordered from Valerie’s Living Books in the past am a happy customer. Valerie’s Living Books sells new overstocks, here.

Used books are listed here.

Also the site has very helpful information about out of print books and books series, here.

Valerie’s site was recently reorganized and navigating between the three different sections of the site is very easy.

Valerie has an interesting article about book lists, here.

Bookmark this site as it is a unique reference for information about living books as well as a great source of used and new living books.

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Els Van Hierden said...


Just "chanced" upon your blog as I was googling "living books". I am a homeschool mother of five kids (2 homeschooled) and am waiting for the publication of my first novel "Ransomed", to be released in three months. Are you still selling books? And if so, are you interested in ordering a copy to see if it's suitable for your store? (The novel deals with street ministry in Russia as well as adoption: a very intriguing story based on our own experience there.)

Els Van Hierden

christinemm said...

Hello Els Van Hierden,
I am not a bookseller. I only swap out (for free) used books I own or on rare occasions, resell what I own. So I am not interested in buying books wholesale to sell retail.


Good luck with the book sales!