Saturday, July 29, 2006

Pequot Library Sale: So Far I Haven’t Gone

Yesterday the Pequot Library Sale in Southport opened for its annual used book sale. The sale usually has over 100,000 books. Yesterday was free admission but “double the marked price” day. I have never gone on double price day. Yesterday I felt lousy and spent nearly the entire day resting in bed and I had the children with me, so going to the sale was out of the question.

The main reason that I attend library fundraiser used book sales is to buy children’s books which our family uses as the staple of our homeschooling curriculum. We use mostly “living books” in our homeschooling (instead of textbooks).

Today is also free admission and “priced as marked” day. Thank goodness I woke up without a headache today. However I was not in the mood to attend the sale for three reasons:

1. Most of the books that I am interested in are sold in a tent outdoors and today the weather was in the 80s and very humid (oppressively hot).

2. I have a ton of books here and am backlogged on cataloging them and sorting them, and putting them away. I feel like at this point I don’t even know what I own so I fear buying duplicates.

3. I had a family party to attend and in order to make that party I would have had to rush to the sale to be there at opening time then I would have to rush to buy books and get back home on time to then leave for the party.

Since tomorrow is day three of the sale and it is still a ‘full price’ day, I am wary if anything good is left.

Day four is half price day. Day five is free day. I will not be able to attend either of these sale days as I will be busy elsewhere during the sale times on these days. Well actually I could make it to the last two hours of the sale on Day four. I don’t know what would be left at that time, slim pickings, I assume.

I truly feel overwhelmed by all the books we have here and so I may just avoid going altogether. I don’t know what to do. To go or not to go tomorrow?

So that is something that has been on my mind yesterday and today, because my original plan last month was to defiantly attend this library sale. I think I have changed my mind and I think I am at peace with that decision. I think I am. Maybe I am not. I’ll see how I feel health-wise tomorrow, maybe that will help me decide that going is not a good idea. Or I could plan to spend tomorrow organizing my books here at home, if I feel well enough.

Such things are contemplated seriously by book addicts like me.

Decisions, decisions….

Here are some articles on the Internet about this library sale.

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the spouse said...

LOVE that sale. Book sport at its best. But it was just too HOT!!! You chose well, Grasshopper!