Friday, July 21, 2006

Living in Abundance

Today this is what I was thinking about…so I jumped online to write it and to post it to my blog.

I am living in abundance. Despite our financial woes and lack of employment, we are still living in abundance. I’d like to think that everyone is living in abundance or at least they have it around them and may not realize it?

Despite the fact that I feel sick and have some sickness and despite the fact that my children are both sick with tick borne illnesses (Lyme and Ehrlichiosis), I still feel we are living in abundance. We have the medical care we need and we have the medication we need. It may not be easy to obtain it but we have it.

Today I opened a homeschool supply catalog. To be honest I have been avoiding doing that for years since my husband’s job ended, because I get usually tempted to buy something I never knew about, or I begin to doubt what I already own, or think that new thing that they have that I don’t is better or what I NEED.

The fact of the matter is this. And this applies to many things in life not just homeschooling supplies. The fact of the matter is that I have what I need, or 99% of it. If I were to just use what I have, it would still be more than enough. The challenge is that there is so much ‘out there’, meaning specifically, there are so many products and things that stores and companies and marketers and advertisers are trying to convince us that we should buy, that it can make us think that we don’t have enough or we don’t have what we need, or they change our minds to thinking that our ‘wants’ are actually ‘needs’.

Let me boil things down further…

What a marriage needs most is two people who love each other who communicate well and treat each other with respect.

What children need is time with parents, happy parents, and love and a stable home environment. What homeschoolers need more than anything is desire and drive and persistence, and some basic books and supplies that GET USED. What homeschoolers don’t need is a ton of stuff that sits on shelves and is not used but that looked good or whatever. Ditto for board games, decks of cards, computer games, educational games, fun games, books, toys, clothing, etc.

What babies need most of all is loving parents who are willing to learn about and meet the needs of a baby not a boatload of STUFF. Babies could care less about the BABY STUFF they want loving arms to hold them when they need to be held and they need to be fed when they are hungry preferably with healthy food that was designed uniquely for them (read: human milk). Babies want to be loved and paid attention to and not made to feel that they are being ignored or are an inconvenience to their parents---this is the same for children and teenagers.

What toddlers and preschool aged children need is lots of love and attention and to not feel pushed off onto others, to not feel discarded. Parental time with children is a display that the child is a priority to the parent that the child is wanted and is loved. Rejection is not a good thing for children of that age to feel.

What everyone wants most of all, everyone of all ages, I think, is to be loved and appreciated and respected. All the material things come after that/behind that in the priority list.

So today I am feeling very abundant. I have the love of my husband and children. I have the presence of my husband and my children. Homeschooling allows us to have even more time together, school is absent as a thing that forces separation. I also have a lot of material things and a nice home and so despite our zero income I am focusing on the fact that we really do have all that we need and I will try and stop thinking that we are living with not enough or that we can’t buy all that I want.

Thanks for listening.

I hope your life is abundant, too. Perhaps it is and you may not even realize it? It is all about perspective and how we look at our situation…

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1 comment:

Tricia Scott said...

that post was just what i needed this morning. i agree with everything you said, i just forget sometimes that i don't have to have every book i see i want, every new homeschool thing i read about. i really need to focus on what i have and actually use all we have.
thank you for the reminder.
and wow...keep us posted on the moving possibility...just think of all th enew things there would be to blog about. :)