Thursday, July 20, 2006

Leaving America for Canada?

For over three years we have lived in a weird limbo place due to my husband's job. During this time he had interviewed for various jobs in various other states and even one in Bermuda and St. Thomas. Moving has been a very real and possible option for us. That may not seem like a big deal to you but both of our family's roots are within a 35 minute drive from our home and we both have extended family living all around us, two of our parents have Cancer and we have been the major caregivers and care coordinators. We are needed here and we want to be here.

Anyway my point is that for the jobs that were the 'hottest' I would begin imagining what it would be like there, is homeschooling legal, what are the housing prices like, where and what would we be able to afford for a home?

So the current hot thing is a job in Canada. So on my mind today is thinking about what it would be like to not only leave our nice house and nice neighborhood and our town or state but also to leave America?!

We are in desparation here and something must be done. If it means that we must leave America then so be it. We have no choice at this point, we need income, badly!

I guess it could be exciting to move to a different country...

I am happy that my husband has had some great interviews with this company. He is very excited about the position which is a very good thing.

Stay tuned.

(Tonight I did take a peek at the legal situation with homeschooling in Canada and it seems it is legal but one must enroll as a "willing non-resident" in a private school. This seems quite wacky to me but, whatever. One that caught my eye was the Moore Academy Canada.)

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Nicola said...

Hi! Homeschooling in Canada is legal but with different laws in each province but it sounds like you are looking at Alberta. I don't live there anymore but if you end up having any questions about homeschooling there I would be happy to answer. We homeschooled in Alberta for 10 years!

First things that come to mind about moving up here. The good: you won't have to pay much for healthcare (again different in each province) but Alberta is about $88 a month for a family of four. The bad: income taxes here are way, way higher than the US.