Sunday, February 25, 2007

Great Homeschooling Bumper Sticker

I saw a great bumper sticker on a car parked in a parking lot last week. I may get the exact wording wrong but this is what I remember:

With Homeschooling No Child Is Ever Left Behind


If anyone knows who is selling these bumper stickers please let me know! I would love to put one on my car. (So far my husband has not agreed to put any bumper stickers on our vehicles.)

(It is a little slam on education in general, though, isn’t it?)

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Heidicrafts said...

I just read a tip about this last week.

Peel the bumper sticker backing and stick it on magnet sheeting. Then you can magnet the bumper sticker to the car, but it can also be removed.

Judy Aron said...

NHELD is selling them.
They aren't on the website yet - but I'll be blogging it.. with pictures

They are $2 a piece and we have 4 sayings

My Child Is Not Left Behind
We Homeschool

Want real School Choice?

If Your Child Can read This
He Must Have Been Homeschooled

Got Educational Freedom

Judy Aron

Homeschoolmomof4 said...

I love it! I'd buy one if I knew where they were sold.

Mama Chaos said...

Ha! I love it! If you find out who is selling those let me know, I'm going to buy a few.