Friday, June 30, 2006

Big Decision Made About Cub Scouts

Our family made a big decision, one that we have thought about off and on for almost a year. We both feel a weight has been lifted off of our shoulders. We have left our Cub Scout Pack and are going to another Pack. The decision was not made without a lot of discussion and thought. My husband and I have put a lot of time and energy into this Pack and we felt loyal to it. We really wanted to see the Pack thrive and to stay with it. Perhaps we have put too much heart and soul and energy into it, as we definitely did both burn out.

My major reason at this point was that I was finishing up a year of doing one Den Leader job and one Pack Committee job. My husband held a Pack level job also. For the upcoming fall I faced having to be a Den Leader to both of my children and with no one else stepping up for the Pack job I faced doing that as well. I don’t like that with the old Pack they let the Leaders decide when the meetings are. That meant that I’d have to be at two different meetings in two different places at different times each week, then the once monthly Pack meeting would be held on a certain weeknight. I was very worried about leading two Dens and also so many meetings all over the place (and dragging the other sibling to the other meeting each time).

I decided to go to a Pack where another homeschooling family presently is a member of; a family we’ve known for four or five years Our children love their children.Their older boy will be in a Den with my older boy, and they are already friends so that will be good. My younger boy will be in a Den with their younger boy, so again, that will be good. But possibly the best thing of all is that they hold their meetings on one weeknight at one time. Every Den meets in a parochial school. Each Den goes into a different classroom for their meeting. One of those nights is the Pack’s meeting. So I know already for the whole next year that the one weeknight will be booked with the meetings. It is nice to have the meetings planned out a year in advance.

I also can’t be in two places at one time so I will not be my older son’s Den Leader. I will be a Den Leader for my younger son only. I will not volunteer for Pack level job, in an effort to reduce my volunteer commitments.

My husband is pondering his choices for what one job he will do. So we will have two boys in their program and each parent will do just one job. That seems very reasonable and fair to me.

I am just so relieved to not have it up in the air as to when the Den meetings and Pack meetings will be held.

So the upsides are less volunteer jobs for me (down from three to one) and less meetings for all of us to go to, and to know the meeting schedule a full year in advance, which makes planning the rest of our time easier. Oh, and because they are weeknight meetings now we have two afternoons free for either playdates or for homeschooling classes or events (the last two years my older son missed out on a wonderful wilderness program due to a conflict in the schedule). We will also leave the various problems with the lack of volunteerism in this town behind; as I am told this other Pack has much more parental involvement.

The downside is that my children won’t be with others who live in this same town. That is alright considering that my older son has only made one real friend from the three years in Scouting (also due in part to the fact that many of these boys I would not want around my son too much)! Another downside is that my children won’t see the boy they consider their best friend on a regular basis for Scouting activities. However I know that if he is a true friend they will make time for playdates at non-Scouting events. They will no longer be marching in our little town parade, which is disappointing.

Hooray! I am so excited! So it looks like we made a very good decision. It was a hard one to make but it seems to be good to me!

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Erin said...

Somewhat sounds like my own scout issue. I'm not sure what I'm doing yet. But I hope you enjoy your new Pack and lessened responsibilities!